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Terrain Park Overview

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TERRAIN PARKS - Hands Down Ski Butternut has the regions BEST Terrain Park. We offer many interesting, varied and unique terrain park features in our 2 terrain parks: The more advanced of the two is the TWISTED TERRAIN PARK which is loaded with features like log rides, rock jibs, jump lines, varying rails and numerous boxes.  If your new to riding parks, visit the CRUISER PROGRESSION PARK where you'll find scaled down boxes, easier rails and smaller jumps that will allow you to ease into the Terrain Park scene. 

TheTerrain ParkExperience

We are working to set up a schedule of FUN events for the Twisted Terrain Park for winter 2015-16. Please check back or ask the guys working the park as you session through when the next event or competition will be. Posters will likely be posted on the shack at the entrance.


Here's a partial list: Please be safety conscious. Your safety will be directly affected by your judgment. Remember to go online to get your Terrain Park Pass before trying to enter the Twisted Terrain Park. The opening is monitored they will not let you in without a Park Pass & a Lift Ticket.

  1. Do an inspection run.
  2. Scope features before using.
  3. Look before you leap.
  4. Easy style it.
  5. Ski or ride in control.
  6. Respect gets respect.
  7. Wait your turn.
  8. Call your drop.
  9. Only one person on a feature at a time.
  10. Yield before and after each feature.
  11. Observe all signs and warnings.
  12. Use a spotter to make sure the landing area is clear.
  13. Clear the landing areas quickly.
  14. Terrain features are open to both skiers and snowboarders.
  15. Please use common sense!
  16. No Inverted maneuvers!
  17. Parents with young kids please make sure they learn and follow these rules. Their safety is your responsibility. Set the right example.


PARENTS it is YOUR Responsibility too.

Please teach the rules and reinforce personal safety through the use of good judgment.  Teach all the above rules to your kids! Click on the following links to watch these safety videos:
Shawn White - why he wears a Helmet and
Terrain Park Safety Video to see and learn how to enjoy the parks. 

NOTE TO PARENTS: You should review all the above materials. If any child under your control or supervision (under 18 years of age) is interested in using Ski Butternut's Terrain Parks - you need to take an active role in monitoring their safety. PARENTS - Get involved with your kids, learn the rules and help them make good decisions. You need to become aware of what they are choosing to enjoy!

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